Funding Request: $713.85 CAD

Critical Need:  CNPDO1223B

Nayeli is 18 and lives with her parents, Pedro and Valentina, and her siblings. She was born with microcephaly, which has affected her motor development. Her Chalice sponsor and the Don Bosco site in Paraguay have been great supports to her and her family.

Funding Request: $1,804.95 CAD

Critical Need:  CNPSA0224B

Catherine and her five siblings live with their mother, Evangeline, who supports her family as a street food vendor. Her eldest, Angela, graduated from college with the support of her Chalice sponsor, and 16-year-old Catherine is finishing grade nine with a sponsor of her own.

Funding Request: $384.43 CAD

Critical Need:  CNPSA0124

Jose, known to all as “Tatay Joe,” is a beloved member of the Samar site community. A hardworking father of eight, he provides for his family and sends his children to school with his earnings as a street food vendor. His wife is a homemaker. They are grateful that three of their children have Chalice sponsors.

Funding Request: $1,935.12 CAD

Critical Need:  CNPTO0124

Mona is an 18-year-old high school student who earns honour-roll grades. She lives with her parents and three siblings in the Tondo region of Manila. Her father, Ramon, works as a security guard, and is supporting both his own family and his aging parents. They are grateful for Mona’s Chalice sponsor and the Tondo sponsor site.

Funding Request: $350.97 CAD

Critical Need:  CNPSA0224

John Michael is the second child of four siblings. His mother, Catherine, does small jobs for neighbours, and also makes and sells traditional desserts. They are grateful that the two younger daughters have sponsors through Chalice’s Samar site.

Funding Request: $465.76 CAD

Critical Need:  CNINE0224

Poojith is 15 years old and lives with his older brother, Pavan, and his wife. Pavan is a low-waged driver and is grateful that Poojith’s Chalice sponsor helps him provide good nutrition and essential daily medication.

Funding Request: $3,534.58 CAD

Critical Need:  CNKMO0124

David was raised by his mother, Saumu, who also supports his three young sisters. Saumu did her best to find odd jobs for an income, but struggles with chronic health conditions, and couldn’t make ends meet.

Funding Request: $763.26 CAD

Critical Need:  CNIBA0124C

Chandrakala is raising her two children alone after the death of her husband. Her son, Kamalesh, is in grade ten and supported by a Chalice sponsor. Her eldest is in grade 12.

Funding Request: $4,150.13 CAD

Critical Need:  CNPDO0124

On Christmas Day, 2023, a strong storm hit the district of Itauguá, where our Don Bosco sponsor site operates. Two sponsored elders, Silvia and José, were at home. Aged 86 and 82, respectively, the elderly couple share the property with their son.

Funding Request: $3,163.50 CAD

Critical Need:  CNBBU0124

Gustavo is 16 years old and lives with his parents and two younger siblings. He is in grade ten, supported by a Chalice sponsor and our Sucre site. His father works as a bricklayer and the mother is a homemaker; their income is not enough to cover all their needs.

Funding Request: $1,012.92 CAD

Critical Need: CNIMA1223B

Gokul is 11 years old and he’s studying in grade six with the support of a Chalice sponsor and the Madurai site. Gokul and his sister live with their mother, Lakshmi, who is raising them alone after the death of her husband. Lakshmi earns daily wages at a hotel.

Funding Request: $516.09 CAD

Critical Need: CNIAS1223B

Sunil is 20 years old and lives with his family of five in our Assam sponsor site. He is studying thanks to his Chalice sponsor.

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