Project Location: Meru, Mikinduri, Nairobi, Saidia, Mombasa
Project Code: AEK0422

Even though there are many educational resources online, schools in the rural communities where Chalice works cannot access them. Five sites in Kenya have created a one-year program that will provide the students and teachers with access to free digital educational content in places where there is no internet.

Project Location: Haiti South
Project Code: HDP HSS0422

 The primary and growing concern facing Haiti’s southern region since the earthquake is food insecurity.

Project Location: Wa, Ghana
Project Code: CP GWW0322

The Wa site equips parents of sponsored children with skills and resources to create their own economic opportunities and raise their income level. One natural resource in their area is an appealing and profitable business opportunity: shea butter.

Project Location: Ternopil site, Ukraine
Project Code: HDP UTT0422

Families in Ukraine are facing unprecedented social, economic, and humanitarian challenges. After this program, the parents will have a greater understanding of their children and reduce conflicts in their homes and social circles. 

Project Location: Meru site, Kenya
Project Code: CP KMT0521

Eight of the nine classrooms at St. Joseph's High School are in deplorable condition.

Project Location: Mombasa site, Kenya
Project Code: HDP KMK0921

The site staff have created a program to increase the level of literacy in Kikambala, with an aim to reducing poverty and empowering elder adults to be leaders in their community.

Project Location: Tamil site, India
Project Code: CP ITT0622

Continuing the success of our 2021 housing project in the Tamil site, which completed 31 family homes, this project will assist another 35 families with a new home.

Project Location: Manila, Philippines
Project Code: HDP PTB0522

At the height of the pandemic, the Tondo site ‘adopted’ a community in Manila called Baseco, because the site staff knew that the children were suffering from hunger and would not receive other supports.

Project Location: Pochaiv, Ukraine
Project Code: CP UPP0422B

Our Pochaiv sponsor site have identified 95 families in their site area who will not be able to heat their homes this winter without financial assistance.

Project Location: Ternopil, Ukraine
Project Code: CP UTT0422B

Chalice has partnered with the non-profit World of Children since 1998. The Ternopil site serves underprivileged families in 17 areas around the region, as well as a boarding school.

Project Location: Cochabamba, Bolivia
Project Code: CP BAA0422

Asociación de Síndrome de Down Cochabamba (Down Syndrome Association of Cochabamba) is a support centre for children, youth, and young adults with Down syndrome. Thanks to sponsorship, the site provides physiotherapy, rehabilitation, vision, speech, and music therapy for the children.

Project Location: Wa, Ghana
Project Code: GKW0222

Background: Chalice began partnering with Serve Child Centre-Konta in 1999, as a sub-site of Wa sponsor site. Initially, sponsored children were students from the School for the Deaf and the nearby St. Don Bosco School, which provides specialized education programs for children with disabilities.

Project Location: Various sites, Africa
Project Type: Education, Self-Reliance, Community Development
Project Code: GTZ0321

Background: In the African communities where Chalice serves, small-scale farming is a way of life. However, for many families of sponsored children, their farms do not produce harvests that can sustain after their peak periods, leading to food insecurity most of the year. Read our report outlining our plans and goals for this project: Planting a seed - A definitive guide to the development of Chalice's sustainable farming projects in Africa.

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