Project Location: Zambia
Project Code: CP ZKK00722

Our Kawambwa sponsor site spans two northern provinces of Zambia, centred in the town of Kawambwa. In 1997, Chalice partnered with the Sisters of the Child Jesus to run our sponsorship program. 

Project Location: India
Project Code: CP IAA1122

Many sponsored and non-sponsored families in our Assam site are living in unsafe, temporary houses and do not have latrine facilities.

Project Location: Paraguay
Project Code: HDP PCV102

Many women lack employment skills and people with disabilities face added barriers to meaningful work. As part of its sponsorship activities, the CMAVIL sponsor site staff prioritize providing skills and entrepreneurship training for mothers.

Project Location: Kenya
Project Code: CP KMM0821 

The coastal communities in Kikambala and Kwale experience severe water shortage for a period of about 6-9 months annually.

Project Location: Tondo, Philippines
Project Code: HDP PTT0223

For families in our Tondo site, dental health is not well-understood or prioritized. As a result, dental disease is prevalent in both the children and parents. The issue is second only to malnutrition.

Project Location: Various sites, Africa
Project Code: GTZ0321

Background: In the African communities where Chalice serves, small-scale farming is a way of life. However, for many families of sponsored children, their farms do not produce harvests that can sustain after their peak periods, leading to food insecurity most of the year. Our plans and goals: Planting a seed - A definitive guide to the development of Chalice's sustainable farming projects in Africa.

Project Location: Madurai, India
Project Code: CP IMM0622

Continuing the success of our 2021 housing project in the Madurai site, which completed 25 family homes, this project will assist another 35 families with new houses and washroom facilities.

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