Project Location: Chiclayo, Peru
Project Type: Education

Background: Chalice has partnered with the Centro Esperanza (Hope Centre) since 2004. It is a community-based organization that focuses on the empowerment of families by providing workshops for children and mothers.

Project Location: Gilgil, Kenya
Project Type: Education, Community Development

Background: Since 2008, Chalice has been running the sponsorship program in Gilgil, in partnership with the Saidia Home for vulnerable children. The program includes children from the surrounding rural communities and the urban neighbourhoods.

Project Location: Various sites, Africa
Project Type: Education, Self-Reliance, Community Development

Background: In the African communities where Chalice serves, small-scale farming is a way of life. However, for many families of sponsored children, their farms do not produce harvests that can sustain after their peak periods, leading to food insecurity most of the year.

Project Location: Tondo, Philippines
Project Type: Nutrition

Background: Chalice's Tondo site serves children and families living in high-density slum conditions in the busy capital of Manila. The families, living their struggle with extreme poverty and many children living in poverty, are in poor health. Malnutrition, leading to anemia and poor dental health, is one of the most urgent issues.

Project Location: Cochabamba, Bolivia
Project Type: Education & Nutrition

Background: Chalice has partnered with PENNT since 2007. In Spanish, PENNT stands for School Support Program for Working Boys and Girls.

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