A Charitable Gift Annuity is a gift that gives something back ... a guaranteed income for life that can be largely or entirely tax free. This type of gift might appeal to you if you are:
- Over the age of 65
- have accumulated wealth and do not need this portion of your capital to leave for your surviving spouse or heirs
- are concerned about the amount of tax you pay on your interest-bearing investments
- like the security of fixed, guaranteed income, or
- would like worry-free management of your investments.

How a Charitable Gift Annuity Works:

Once the details of the annuity have been decided, you donate a lump sum to Chalice. We then purchase an annuity from a reputable life insurance institution on your behalf. After we pay for your annuity, the balance of your contribution (a minimum of 20% of the total amount donated) becomes your gift to us. We issue a charitable donation receipt for this amount. The annuity payments are made directly to you, or deposited into your bank account, by the annuity provider.

Please contact your financial advisor to determine what charitable gift is best for your situation. For your free quote or for more information about establishing a charitable gift annuity or any other legacy gift please contact Peter Gordon at 1-800-776-6855, ext. 803 or email him at petergordon@chalice.ca
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