Chalice sponsorship and other programs are designed to support families. Our family funding model deposits sponsorship funds directly into the direct guardian's bank account, allowing caregivers the ability and flexibility to care for their family's unique needs. The additional emotional and financial literacy support provided through Chalice family circles sets each family up for success.

When a part of the family is supported, families can grow together. Each family member can eat wholesome, nutritious food, have their health and hygiene needs met, and because there are funds to cover the educational needs of the sponsored child, siblings can often go to school too. Knowing there is a regular source of support gives the family stability, confidence, and the ability to plan for future needs.

You can grow families by sponsoring a child, giving a family livelihood gift through our catalogue, or supporting a project or program that helps strengthen families. You can also help fund a critical need for a struggling family who is facing emergency medical expenses.

Grow families with these other initiatives:

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Ukrainian family embarks on a new orchard business

In Ukraine, ballooning inflation has dramatically increased the cost of family necessities. Heating and food are among the most expensive needs. High rates of unemployment and underpaid work leaves many parents unable to afford these rising costs.

The Konovalyk family, located near our Pochaiv site in Ukraine, has deeply felt the effects of the poor local economy. Anastasia, Anhelina, and Oleksandr are still school-growfamiliesukrainephotoaged, and rely solely on their mother for support. She wakes before the break of dawn each day to bake bread at the local bakery but doesn't earn nearly enough to provide everything her children need.

Thankfully, all the Konovalyk children were chosen by Chalice sponsors, greatly reducing the burden on their mother. Along with their small home, the family also owns 25 acres of land. With preparation and care, this land could be used as a garden to supplement their income! The family, however, was just making ends meet and couldn't afford to invest start-up funds for seeds and tools.

A blessing graced the family in the form of a special gift. Thanks to our kind supporters, they received the gift of a small business setup through our gift catalogue! After meeting with our site staff, it was decided that the funds would be used to prepare land and purchase 400 fruit trees to create a beautiful orchard.

The family chose apple, pear, plum, and apricot trees to start, and will add more tree varieties as their business grows. In the warm months, they will be able to sell a substantial amount of fruit to local families, and still have enough left over for eating.

The whole family got involved in preparing land and planting trees in their new orchard. The children were so excited to take part and can't wait to see the trees bear fruit!

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