February 16, 2013
Gonzalo lives in a brick house with a sheet metal roof in Paraguay. He lives with his mother and two brothers. He is currently in grade five and his favourite subject is math. When he grows up, he wants to be a soccer player! Gonzalo enjoys drawing and playing sports. He enjoys going to school and socializing with his friends. Sponsorship enables children to attend class every day and have the supplies they need to complete their education, grow up healthy, and achieve their dreams.
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If you wish to pay for your sponsorship through automatic withdrawal from your bank account, please indicate this on the form that will be included with the child folder you receive in the mail.
You may also call our toll free number 1.800.776.6855 to make your request for sponsorship.


Chalice has been serving children and seniors in Paraguay since 2012 in 4 sites in primarily urban communities. Compared to neighbouring countries, there are very few international NGOs working in Paraguay. In the communities where Chalice works, there are no other similar supports. Our family circle-based sponsorship program is highly distinctive in this country.

Children in Paraguay are at a high risk of dropping out of school to find work, exacerbated by the high cost of education after junior high and the few opportunities for post-secondary education. Families who live outside major urban centres have extremely little access to public services. In the communities where Chalice works, families struggle with high rates of domestic and criminal violence.

Through the support of sponsors and donors, Chalice and our local partners focus on:
  1. Education – Paraguay sees high rates of children dropping out of school to find work. Chalice places emphasis on after-school support programming to keep children in school.
  2. Nutrition – our partners ensure children have balanced, nutrient –rich diets by implementing school feeding programs through the support of the Chalice Children Nutrition Program.
  3. Livelihood -  providing opportunities for parents to find work or begin their own income-generating projects
Our sites in Paraguay:

Pukavy – Our Pukavy sponsor site is in the city of Luque, Paraguay. Chalice has sponsored children in the site since 2004, first under the direction of Dominican Sisters. The Daughters of Mary Help of Christians have been directing the site since 2022. Pukavy means ‘smile’ in the local Guaraní language. The site runs the Loma Merlo Soup Kitchen, provides healthcheck-ups and trains parents in baking, embroidery, sewing, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

CMAVILOur CMAVIL sponsor site is in the Villeta district of Paraguay, in both urban and rural communities. Chalice has partnered with the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, a Salesian congregation, to run our sponsorship program here since 2012. CMAVIL stands for Centro Maria Auxiliadora – Villeta. The site runs an Open Centre, where children come before or after school for homework help, a lunch program, and social recreation. Also, skills and entrepreneurship training for mothers is offered.

Don Bosco –  In 2013, Chalice partnered with the Don Bosco Róga Foundation in the cities of of Itaugua and Capiata, which are located just outside the capital city of Asuncion.  Fr. Néstor Ledesma oversees the sponsorship program for both children and seniors in the community who are struggling.  In addition to sponsorship, the site provides an employment opportunities program for adults and workshops to improve families’ spiritual, socio-economic, and environmental well-being.

Ayolas – Chalice has partnered with the Diocese of San Juan Bautista de Las Misiones in the city of Ayolas since 2013. Under the direction of Javier Duarte Cristaldo, the site runs Chalice’s sponsorship program from a Centre for Children and Adolescents. The site offers after-school support, as well as workshops for adolescents on substance abuse and skills training for mothers. The site has a partnership with a local health centre to provide regular medical check-ups, such as ophthalmology and dental. The Chalice Nutrition Program provides nutritious food, with the help and advice of a professional nutritionist.

Sponsorship FAQs

What should I know before I become a sponsor?
  • That you are going to make a great difference to a child (or elder) and their family!
  • Sponsorship is $42 per month or $504 annually. There are multiple methods of payment.
  • Children are enrolled for sponsorship based on need and family circumstances, regardless of race, age, ability, gender, or religion. The children are not necessarily Catholic, although many are.
  • Sponsorship does not necessarily end at age 18. If your child pursues further education, you can still sponsor (at the same rate) for as long as s/he is studying.
My charitable giving decisions are based on research and financial trustworthiness. Why choose Chalice?
  • Chalice has an A rating and is ranked in the Charity Intelligence Top 100 charities.
  • For a dollar donated, after overhead costs of fundraising and admin/management, Chalice commits 90.2 percent of its spending in support of programs.
  • Chalice’s sponsorship model pairs one child with one sponsor. Read more about our family funding model, which is unique in Canada.
  • Chalice is in control of distributing funds. The distribution of funds is mandated by Canada Revenue Agency regulations. We are audited by an external auditor and internal auditor. All the funds that are sent to the sites are audited on a quarterly basis.
  • You can read our Annual Reports and financial statements at any time. Check out Annual Report & Financials.
  • Chalice respects our supporters’ privacy. We keep all information on our supporters (and sponsored children) in a very secure system and do not release names or other information to other organizations.
  • Chalice is a registered charity in Canada under the Income Tax Act. Our CRA Registration Number is 13759 1012 RR0001.
There is so much need in the world... how can I choose a child/elder?
  • There are no “wrong choices”- every child or elder is in significant need of sponsorship. If there is a country, age, or gender that speaks to your heart the most, then feel free to let that guide your decision.
  • You can also contact us and we will help you choose.
  • If you are concerned about the duration of your sponsorship, perhaps consider an older teenager who may only need a few more years of support to complete their education.
I’m a sponsor! What does that mean for me?
  • You will receive correspondence from your child every year at Christmastime. This will include a new photo, a letter from your sponsor child and a status report from a Field Worker. You will also receive a Christmas card along with a sponsor site update from the Site Director.
  • If you need to change your mailing address or anything else about your personal information, just contact us.
  • You can write to your child at any time. We highly encourage this! Your sponsored friend would love to know more about you and your family. Many sponsors build strong bonds through their letters. Learn all about how to write to your child. 
  • We do not facilitate email correspondence or encourage social media connections. This protects both you and your friend’s safety and privacy.
  • You will get an official tax receipt for the full amount of your sponsorship. Income tax receipts are issued each February for donations processed in the previous year.
Can I do more?
  • You can send your child/elder extra funds, of any amount, any time you wish. These are called gifts of ‘special money.’ Many sponsors like to send extra amounts around Christmas or their child’s birthday.
  • If you become aware of any special needs for your child or their family, please contact us. We will contact the site on your behalf to get more information on how you can best help.
When does sponsorship end?
  • In a perfect world, either when the young person finishes their studies and enters the workforce, or their family reaches a level of income stability that they no longer need your financial support.
  • However, sometimes they must exit the program because they or their family moves or chooses to withdraw for personal reasons.
  • When your current sponsorship relationship concludes, we will contact you about your decision to sponsor another child or elder.
What if I can no longer sponsor?
  • We understand that personal circumstances change, and you may contact us to cancel your sponsorship at any time.
  • Please be assured that your child/elder will not lose their benefits. Chalice will continue to support them until they are paired with a new sponsor.
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