January 8, 2013
Benjamin lives with his mother and his sister in a wooden house in Arica, Chile. He is in grade three and Math is his favourite subject. He enjoys drawing pictures. Benjamin wants to grow up to be a happy, responsible adult. Sponsorship enables children to attend class every day and have the supplies they need to complete their education, grow up healthy, and achieve their dreams.
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If you wish to pay for your sponsorship through automatic withdrawal from your bank account, please indicate this on the form that will be included with the child folder you receive in the mail.
You may also call our toll free number 1.800.776.6855 to make your request for sponsorship.

Chalice has been serving children and seniors in Chile since 1996 in 2 sites in urban communities.  Chalice is a somewhat unique non-profit in Chile because we have been able to retain our Catholic identity through our partnerships with local religious organizations.

The economic disparity between wealthier Chilean communities and impoverished ones makes for quite striking contrasts. In the communities where Chalice works, there are high populations of migrant workers from neighbouring countries who have been attracted to Chile’s growing economy.  Unfortunately, these families frequently do not succeed in finding work and struggle with poverty. Families face high levels of domestic violence.

Through the support of sponsors and donors, Chalice and our local partners focus on:   
  1. Education - Ensuring all children complete their primary and secondary education.
  2. Livelihood - Providing opportunities for parents to find work or begin their own income-generating projects, with special attention to  the economic inclusion of migrant parents
  3. Domestic Violence Prevention - Providing education and awareness training for at-risk families.

Our sites in Chile:

Arica - Chalice has partnered with the NGO Corp de Proyectos Solidarios Caliz (Chalice Solidarity Projects Corp) in Arica city since 2012. Site Director Verónica Herrera oversees the care of both children and seniors in the sponsorship program. In addition to sponsorship, the site offers adult employment skills training, especially for women and indigenous communities. The site ensures medical checkups and treatments, and the Chalice Nutrition Program supports them with nutritious foods for their meal programs.
Annual Report 2020 for Arica - Read about our Year!

Santiago – Chalice has partnered with the Good Shepherd Sisters in the city of Santiago since 1996. Directed by Guido Mejías, the site serves both children and seniors in the sponsorship program as well as running a home for abandoned children. Additionally, the site strives to give training and education to mothers. They partner to offer training in food handling, baking, chocolate-making, hair-dressing, massage therapy and dress making.
Annual Report 2020 for Santiago - Read about our Year!
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