Chalice has been serving children in Ukraine since 1998 in two sites in both rural and urban communities.  Our local partners tell us that Chalice is one of few international charities in their region, because the central government makes charitable work difficult with complex taxation laws.

Ballooning inflation has dramatically increased the costs of necessities such as food and heating. Coupled with high rates of unemployment or under-salaried work, parents have difficulty providing for their families. In the areas where Chalice works, there are high rates of chronic illness and cognitive disabilities such as cerebral palsy and Down Syndrome.  Low-income families have little access to quality medical services, because public hospitals are underfunded and ill-equipped.

Through the support of sponsors and donors, Chalice and our local partners focus on:
  1. Education – Ensuring each child completes their education until high school graduation, at a minimum
  2. Financial inclusion & Empowerment for parents – Giving caregivers back their decision-making power for the needs of their families.
  3. Nutrition & Household needs – Providing families with fresh produce and staples to ensure their children maintain nutrient-rich, balanced diets. Also assisting with the high cost of basic household needs such as heating and simple housewares.
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Our Ukraine sites:

Pochaiv - Chalice has partnered with World for Children in the town of Pochaiv since 1999. Halyna Mykytiuk directs the sponsorship program, based in 4 children’s homes/ orphanages.  The program also includes children living with their families in either dorm-style factory apartments or rural family homes with small farms.

Ternopil - Chalice has partnered with World for Children in the city of Ternopil since 1998. Under the direction of Luba Tsytsyk

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