Chalice sponsor child in Cochabamba, BoliviaMany sponsor sites in Bolivia are located in Cochabamba, a large city and the agricultural hub of Bolivia. It has a prosperous side and a much underserved side - and the disparity is significant. One of the biggest challenges in Bolivia is to keep kids in school instead of going to find work to help their family. From as young as nine, girls will start to drift away to help their mothers sell products in the market, while boys will find work minding parking lots. Chalice focuses on after-school programs, which are effective for a number of reasons: students can get extra help and keep their grades up; they can receive a healthy meal; and they are safe from negative influences, especially drugs. 

Chalice sites in Bolivia:

Chalice sponsor child BoliviaThe Amanecer Foundation was founded nearly 40 years ago to help children, adolescents, and youth in the streets and/or with high street risks; those suffering from neglect, physical, and psychological abuse, and women who struggle to raise their children. This Catholic non-profit organization provides at-risk children and youth the opportunity to live safely, develop values and skills, gain personal fulfillment, and experience successful integration into society through intervention and therapeutic education with a highly committed and suitable staff.

The biggest challenges facing this region are: unemployment, overcrowding, migration, consumption of addictive substancese (alcohol, marijuana), parental responsibility, child abuse, and malnutrition.

Amanecer operates a cluster of homes for at-risk youth who can't live with their families, organized in two hostels and four houses, as well as a school in the public system, Ultimately, the foundation seeks to use rehabilitation and family reunification where possible.

Some sponsorship highlights in 2018:
- All sponsored children were enrolled in the school system; 10% achieved an outstanding school performance and all students were provided with school materials according to their needs and school requirements.
- Eighty families received training to prepare a nutritious and healthy diet, as well as training in food safety.
- Twenty-three children have been reintegrated, thanks to the coordinated work with the street team of the Children's Ombudsman.
- All families received training in health issues, economic issues, and human values, which has improved the relationship in the family.
- Twenty-eight strengthened leaders accompany their family circles, generating active participation, with clear rules established by all members.
Annual Report 2018 for Amanecer - Read about our Year!

Chalice sponsor child FatimaLocated in the poorest and most dangerous part of Cochabamba, Fatima is run in partnership with Our Lady of Fatima Parish. The site runs sponsorship through Chalice's family funding model, which provides sponsorship money directly to caregivers to meet the needs of their family. Each caregiver (usually a mother or grandmother) belongs to a family circle group, which helps members make financial decisions, help with budgeting, and provide emotional support. Fatima also has a daycare that has a daily meal program funded by Chalice Children Nutrition.

Some sponsorship highlights in 2018:
- All sponsored children were enrolled in the school system and 10% are among the most outstanding in their classes. This year, five percent will complete seconday education, and five percent are enrolled in post-secondary education.
- Seventy percent of families give priority to the purchase of nutritious products for the preparation of their food.
- It has been possible to maintain 23 family circles working under the direct funding system and 60 mothers were trained in baking and weaving, with the possibility of implementing micro-enterprises.
- Fifteen percent of fathers increased their participation in family circle meetings.
- Ten percent of young people have learned how to manage their resources and are participating in scheduled meetings.
Annual Report 2018 for Fatima - Read about our Year!
Chalice sponsor child ASDC BoliviaThe "Cochabamba Down Syndrome Association" (ASDC, for its acronym in Spanish) is a center specialized in the care and rehabilitation of people with Down syndrome. ASDC provides free therapy to sponsored children and for those who are not sponsored at 10% of the cost of other local therapy services.

Some sponsorship highlights in 2018:
- Currently, we have 132 sponsored children who receive specialized and personalized therapies in physical therapy, early stimulation, visual therapy, school support, psychopedagogy, music therapy, daily chores, language therapy and physical, oral, and auditory stimulation and development.
- This past year, a second shift of therapies opened in the mornings for young people over the age of 14 to participate in workshops on psychopedagogy, music and crafts, cooking, physical education, self-esteem, and good manners.
Annual Report 2018 for ASDC - Read about our Year!

Chalice sponsor child in BoliviaThe Levántate-Mujer Foundation works in the city of Sucre. This non-profit organization was formed with the purpose of carrying out the social mission of the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd, whose interest is to restore and defend the rights of the most vulnerable sectors of Bolivian society. They work with women, children, and adolescents in situations of poverty, violence, human trafficking, and migration to create a more equitable and just society by restoring dignity to all. There are two services within the child and adolescent program:
(1) The child care center which supports children under five years old and in early stimulation, provides a healthy lunch to children and adolescents and offers workshops on health, basic hygiene, and nutrition.
(2) The Rodolfo Public Dining Room provides a healthy lunch to children and adolescents and provides workshops on health, basic hygiene, and nutrition to children and their parents or guardians.

Some sponsorship highlights in 2018:
- At the child care center, 32 children under five years of age received early stimulation in the areas of language, personal development, social and psychomotor learning.
- 41 children and adolescents of the Rodolfo Public Dining Room of the child care center, participated in the dynamics of dental health and personal hygiene, promoting good practices of dental cleaning.
- A healthy and balanced lunch was offered to 180 children and adolescents in the Rodolfo Public Dining Room and the child care centre from Monday to Friday. Of the 180 children and adolescents, 32 children under five years of age received four servings a day.
- Monthly reflection talks were held with 78 mothers and tutors of the children and adolescents of both centers on the importance of a healthy diet and adequate food handling.

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