Meet Bernard who is highly experienced in welding and making quality steel products.

Chalice helping Bernard expand welding business in KenyaBernard joined a village polytechnic school for a two-year course in welding. Afterwards, he left for Nairobi, thinking that he would get a job. Unfortunately, this was not the case as he had no experience.

For 10 years, he worked in the welding and fabrication yards as a casual labourer for little or no pay. He gained experience and, instead of looking for another little or non-paying job, he decided to start his own welding business.

Politics hindered the growth because people from other tribes were reluctant to give him business. Where Bernard had set his business, he was asked to move out. This was a dark moment in his life because he did not want to close his business and go back to casual work. This was the time that Chalice, through ILEG Nairobi Site, provided a shipping container as working space for the group members.

Bernard says, "I relocated my business and set up my welding yard and a small barber shop. I display the products I make in front of our place of work. In that way I get more orders. Sometimes I require assistance when I get big orders. I ask Charles to help me with the welding, and Erick to do the final work and they earn commissions. When I need more help, I employ young people and pay them for the work. The business has helped me to provide for my family and to educate my children. I thank Chalice for helping me to help my family. I am really happy too, as I am able to help others to earn a living. My dream is to expand my business and to offer training and employment opportunities to young people. To do so, I will need more equipment that will include a hand bench machine, pressure machine and a lathe. The price of steel has gone up during the COVID period. Though I was looking forward to being able to stock some steel, the high price hike on steel has left me helpless. The welding business requires Kes. 480,000 or CAD $6,233.76 for expansion and setting up the business to train young people."

Funding Request: $6,233.76

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Chalice Njiru Stars helping the community in KenyaNjiru Stars support the community during COVID-19 pandemic

In this difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic, members of Njiru Stars group have been in the forefront to help families who have been rendered jobless and are worried and anxious about what the future holds for them.

The children, who have been confined to their homes for long hours every day are restless and agitated, and this has heightened quarrels among siblings. Njiru Star members have come up with a plan to engage the children.

Across from their place of work, they have organized a playing field for the children and placed them in small groups according to their age/size. The members purchased a football for the children. Each day one group comes to the field at a particular time and when their time is up, they go back home. The mothers are happy to see their children happy and friendly toward each other.

Erick was chosen as the leader, and organizes the children. The other members check on the children to ensure they get back home safely. 

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