Edward, 28, is a member of Njiru Stars group. When Edward was six, his parents separated, forcing his mother to leave their home.

Njiru Stars - Chalice helping Edward purchase café equipmentA few months later, his father left home too. His father rarely visited the family, and his grandmother took the responsibility to raise Edward and his siblings.

When Edward completed grade 12, he left home for Nairobi in search of a job, and also to look for his mother. He found his mother who was living in Mukuru slum area. He was happy to meet her after so many years, but he had to look for ways to survive as his mother was not able to support him. Many times he slept hungry, especially when he failed to find casual jobs at the construction sites. He was happy when a friend got him a job in a hotel - at least he could get food every day. He was eager to learn and gain experience in running a hotel business.

Edward would like to thank Chalice and its partner, ILEG, for providing him with entrepreneurial education, facilitating the process for him and other members of Njiru Stars to get a business license and to provide him with a space to establish a small café. He is able to sell breakfast, lunch and 4 o'clock tea to the construction workers. His dream is to provide meals, fruits, and fruit juice to his customers. To attract more customers, he requires better seats and tables, a cooker and gas cylinder, a blending machine, cutlery and cans, a cane crusher, and more varieties of fruit. This will cost Ksh. 150,000 or CAD $1,948.05

Funding Request: $1,948.05

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Chalice Njiru Stars helping the community in KenyaNjiru Stars support the community during COVID-19 pandemic

In this difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic, members of Njiru Stars group have been in the forefront to help families who have been rendered jobless and are worried and anxious about what the future holds for them.

The children, who have been confined to their homes for long hours every day are restless and agitated, and this has heightened quarrels among siblings. Njiru Star members have come up with a plan to engage the children.

Across from their place of work, they have organized a playing field for the children and placed them in small groups according to their age/size. The members purchased a football for the children. Each day one group comes to the field at a particular time and when their time is up, they go back home. The mothers are happy to see their children happy and friendly toward each other.

Erick was chosen as the leader, and organizes the children. The other members check on the children to ensure they get back home safely. 

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