Project Location: Tondo, Philippines
Project Type: Nutrition

Background: Chalice's Tondo site serves children and families living in high-density slum conditions in the busy capital of Manila. The families, living their struggle with extreme poverty and many children living in poverty, are in poor health. Malnutrition, leading to anemia and poor dental health, is one of the most urgent issues.

Chalice community projects - Feed children in Tondo, PhilippinesIn addition to sponsorship, the site supplies regular daily meals supported through our nutrition program. Vitamins and extra supplements are also provided to anemic and vitamin deficient children.

"Many children are still deprived of the most basic need which is food," writes Eunice, Tondo site director. "So every meal is like manna from heaven to them. The site is happy to run Heaven's Kitchen."

Prior to the pandemic restrictions, the Tondo site, supported by the Chalice nutrition program, was feeding more than 500 children each day in five locations dotted across the most impoverished areas of the slum. Some of these children were sponsored, but many were non-sponsored children from the neighbourhood in great need of a meal. Unfortunately, many of the non-sponsored children had left school and were already finding daily wage work.

"Some of the children, especially the child labourers, find respite from a day's work at the center," says Eunice, speaking of the hub of Chalice's Tondo site. "Life is hard for them, but each spoonful assures them God is blessing them and caring for them."

During the pandemic lockdown, the site staff pivoted their community-based feeding program to a pre-packaged lunch delivery daily to two of the poorest neighbourhoods. 

This year, the site is planning to serve more than 130,000 meals in six locations, every weekday. The staff carefully plan the meals to make sure they are as nutritious and balanced as possible. In addition, the site staff will train the families in urban gardening, so that they can produce their own fresh fruits and vegetables.

This year the Tondo site needs $61,120 to continue their meal program. This will ensure that the children have strong immune systems, healthy and full of life. The program "touches lives in more ways than just the meal," the staff tells us. "There is still time, and there is still hope."

Budget in Canadian Funds: $61,120 CAD

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