The families sponsored through our Tondo site live in the high-density, polluted slum neighbourhood of Manila.

Chalice disaster relief - help for families who lost their homes in a fire in Tondo, PhilippinesFamilies are tightly packed into warrens of makeshift dwellings, often constructed of light scavenged materials such as wood and tarpaulin. Most do not have basic services such as water and sanitation, but do their best to keep their spaces clean and as homey as possible given the deplorable setting.

With these conditions, a small spark can quickly engulf blocks of these compact, highly combustible homes into flames. Around midnight on February 21, an air conditioner short-circuited, and a blaze spread quickly. The neighbourhood's alleys were too narrow for the fire truck to enter, and the firefighters had to link their hoses to reach the flames.

A total of 380 families lost their homes and tragically, a mother lost her husband and four children. Of the 380 families, 11 of the families have at least one child sponsored through Chalice. They have lost everything, and the government can only offer 10,000 pesos (approximately $250 CAD), not enough to reconstruct their homes or replace their belongings.

The Tondo site has requested $2,940.67 to divide among the 11 families to rebuild their homes and their lives. Sixteen sponsored children and their families will have a chance to heal from this frightening event and look towards a brighter future.

Funding Request: $2,940.67 CAD

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other disaster emergencies that may arise.

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