For the past two months, Haiti has been experiencing one of the darkest periods in its history.

HDT1119BlargeRising prices, socio-economic unrest, and a drop in agricultural production have led to an increase in food insecurity in Haiti. It has been reported that more than one in three people in Haiti need urgent food assistance. Out of the 3.7 million people needing aid, one million are in a state of emergency.

A 19.5% inflation rate has resulted in a drastic increase in the cost of food and fuel (if you can even find these items). Due to the violence and unrest, schools are no longer operating.

The Saint Dominique Orphanage is located close to Port-au-Prince, in the midst of violence and unrest where the worst of the demonstrations are taking place. There are 85 children living at the orphanage, and all are sponsored by Chalice. The orphanage is being hit particularly hard by the food crisis and has come to Chalice for assistance with the provision of food for the next three months. The total cost to cover the food items is $20,000 and will get the orphanage through the current period of unrest.

During times of political unrest, it is always the most vulnerable who are most affected. 

Funding Request: $20,000
Disaster Fund: HDT1119B

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other Disaster Fund emergencies that may arise.
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