Tatabe is 14 years old and is sponsored through our Orissa Site in India.

Chalice Critical Needs - Medical expenses for sponsor child Tatabe, IndiaHis father died in 2005 and a year later, his mother remarried and left her five children behind. His four siblings were taken in by their bachelor paternal uncle, while Tatabe was brought to a hostel to be looked after by the Sisters of the Daughters of Charity, our partner in operating our Orissa Sponsor Site. Tatabe gets to visit his siblings twice a year. Tatabe is a happy child who is loved by everyone.

Tatabe takes medication for seizures, but recently the seizures worsened and he began suffering body pain and fever. During a visit to a clinic, he was found to be suffering from Scrub Typhus (a bacteria transmitted by the bite of chiggers/mite larvae). After repeated treatments and several stays in hospitals, the doctors were finally able to properly treat his condition and get him on the road to recovery. Tatabe has now fully recovered and is back attending school.

The burden of cost for Tatabe's medications, doctors' fees and hospital charges, amounting to $2,144, has fallen back to the Sisters who run the hostel and partner with us, and it is more than they can manage.

Our sponsor site director has come to Chalice for assistance to pay for these medical expenses.

Funding Request: $2,144.00
Critical Need: IOM0119

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Please note that any donations that exceed the reqeust will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.
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