Rajakumari lives with her husband, two sons, and her mother-in-law near our Madurai sponsor site.

IMH0721largeBoth Rajakumari and her mother-in-law have chronic health conditions that require medication, and her second son has a hearing impairment. The family relies on her husband, who struggles to find work during the pandemic. The family is grateful for their eldest son Praveen’s generous Chalice sponsor.

Since 2016, Rajakumari has been living with the pain of a hernia but did not pursue treatment because her family lacked the economic resources. If her abdominal; pain ever became too much, she sought temporary pain relief from a local clinic.

This spring, the pain became unbearable, and her doctors sent her for CT scans, revealing a significant hernia that required immediate surgery.

The cost of her hospitalization and medication amounts to $1,731.17 CAD, far beyond Rajakumari’s family’s limited means. The Sisters who run the Madurai sponsor site have requested assistance to cover her emergency procedure and the support she needs to recover and care for her boys.

Funding Request: $1,731.17 CAD
Critical Need: IMH0721

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.
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