Palaniammal, 44 years old, lives with her husband and eldest son, Ramasamy, near our Madurai sponsor site.

IMH0721BlargeThrough her husband’s work as a daily agricultural worker and Ramasamy’s kind Chalice sponsor of nine years, the family has supported Ramasamy through to grade 12. The family has been especially grateful to his sponsor this year, as sponsorship funds were the only income they had while the pandemic ceased all opportunities for work.

Palaniammal started experiencing severe abdominal pain, and her doctor suspected an ovarian cyst. A CT scan confirmed his diagnosis, and she required immediate surgery.

She and her husband knew the cost was going to be outside of their already humble means. They borrowed some money from kindly neighbours. Palaniammal’s surgery was successful, but in the process of her assessment, her doctors found she was anemic and diabetic. Though the procedure has relieved her pain, she is going to need significant nutritional support to regain her health.

The Madurai sponsor site has requested $1,092.67 CAD to cover the cost of her hospitalization, medication, and nutritional supplements so she can fully recover her health and the financial stability of her family.

Funding Request: $1,092.67 CAD
Critical Need: IMH0721B

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.
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