Fourteen-year-old Kateryna lives with her mother, Oksana, near our Ternopil sponsor site.

Chalice critical needs - Braces for KaterynaSadly, she lost her father in 2012, and Oksana had difficulty supporting her family with her low-income job. She enrolled Kateryna in the Chalice sponsorship program in 2014 and has been grateful for her sponsor's support ever since.

In a recent dental check-up, Kateryna's dentist found several concerning issues. She hs a malocclusion, which means crowded teeth and a misaligned bite. This appears to be caused by two teeth that grew in the wrong position. Her upper jaw protrudes past a healthy alignment point.

This combination of issues can have serious future consequences, including accelerated enamel erosion, which leads to temperature sensitivity, and increased risk of chipping and cavities. Malocclusion can also be linked with neck and shoulder pain and headaches. If her jaw continues to develop improperly, it increases the risk of affecting her breathing. The site staff also worry that Kateryna's teeth might hurt her self-esteem as she enters young adulthood.

To be proactive against these risks, her dentist has recommended that Kateryna be fitted for braces. The cost is $1,064.77 CAD, which is far beyond Oksana's limited means. The Ternopil sponsor site has therefore requested the funds on her behalf, which will enable her to purchase the orthodontics.

Funding Request: $1,064.77 CAD
Critical Need: UTT0521B

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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