Now six years old, Tracy lives with his parents and his grandmother near our Tondo sponsor site in Manila.

Tracy was born with a rare congenital condition that affects how his heart pumps oxygenated blood throughout his body. Thanks to the help of generous Chalice supporters,Chalice critical needs - Trachestomy removal for Tracey, Philippines Tracy underwent emergency heart surgery. He struggled to breathe after his surgery, and after spending time on a ventilator, underwent an emergency tracheostomy. He was also then diagnosed with tuberculosis.

Tracy was hospitalized from mid-December 2019 into the early days of January 2020. He was supposed to have his trach removed five months later, but the COVID-19 pandemic cancelled his follow-up appointments. Finally, in January 2021, a doctor scheduled him for the removal procedure in March.

Tracy was admitted to the specialist hospital and his surgeons attempted to gradually wean him off the trach device. He struggled to breathe without it, so they chose not to fully remove it as planned. They have given his mother detailed instructions on how to slowly diminish his dependence on it.

Nonetheless, Tracy's hospitalization and medical bills amounted to $1,475.54 CAD. This is far beyond his family's means, especially as his father lost his job in April due to the pandemic. Their family relies on the support of his grandmother, Remedios.

The Tondo sponsor site has requested $1,475.54 CAD to cover young Tracy's expenses. This includes the cost of his diagnostic scans, his surgery, medicine, consultation fees, and hospital stay.

Funding Request: $1,475.54 CAD
Critical Need: PTM0521

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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