Lucy lives with her husband, Hipólito, and their three grandchildren, along with six other family members.

Lucy is the guardian of her grandchildren, Sheyla, Flavia, and Eric, who each have a kind Chalice sponsor.

Hipólito and one of his sons traveled to find work and returned to their family carrying COVID-19, infecting the entire household of 11 people. The younger family membersChalice critical needs - COVID-19 medical expenses for Lucy, Peru recovered, but Lucy has deteriorated rapidly. Her blood oxygen levels are between 6% and 10% lower than they must be.

Her family tried to take her to the hospital, waiting for hours. The doctors estimated that 50% of her lungs were compromised. But the hospitals are overwhelmed and could not admit her or provide her with oxygen or medication. The family brought her home to care for her, but without oxygen and treatment, she is at risk of dying.

Thanks to the outpouring of generosity from Chalice supporters, Lucy received a week of treatment on oxygen, as prescribed, and has constant medical supervision in her home. However, she has still not recovered, and her blood oxygen levels have not risen enough.

Lucy needs another 10 days on oxygen, and her family can afford two days. She will also need at CT scan of her lungs at the end of the treatment to see if they are recovering from the effects of  the coronavirus.

The cost of the eight days of oxygen treatment and the CT scan is $816.51 CAD. Lucy's family will cover the cost of the remaining two days of oxygen. The Chiclayo site continues to support the family, especially through their prayers.

Funding Request: $816.51 CAD
Critical Need: PCC0521

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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