Project Location: Sucre, Bolivia
Project Type: Critical Needs
Project Code: BLS0421

Background: Since 2012, Chalice has been partnering with the Levántate Mujer Foundation, run by the Good Shepherd Sisters of Bolivia, to carry out the sponsorship program in two of the capital city's most impoverished and at-risk districts: District Two and District Five.

Chalice critical needs - Refugee assistance for six Venezuelan families in BoliviaThe site works mainly with large families who have migrated to the capital, Sucre, from rural areas in search of opportunities, only to become marginalized by economic and linguistic differences.

Prior to 2020, families fleeing the humanitarian situation in Venezuela were among the marginalized in Sucre, but their presence was usually transitory. Since the declaration of the pandemic, coupled with the deepening crisis in Venezuela, increasing numbers of families are deciding to stay and seek permanent residence. The Bolivian government is making efforts to protect migrants and ease the administrative hurdles facing them, but many families are still incapable of securng official papers, housing, employment, and enrollment in schools. The process is costly and many of the families cannot find work, again exacerbated by lockdown measures. They are becoming homeless, turning to panhandling and degrading means to earn money.

Since December 2020, six families have come to the Levántate Mujer site's attention as being in extreme need of material assistance.
  1. Jhon and Fabiana and their four school-aged children need a bunk bed and mattress. They are currenly sleeping six with two beds.
  2. Oscar Daniel needs a stove and fuel cylinder for his small home. He had to drop out of high school in Venezuela and can now only work low-wage casual jobs.
  3. Osneilbert and Mirianyi need three pots, an oven, and staple groceries. The couple migrated with their son in 2019 and lost their income in the pandemic shutdown.
  4. Alexis, his wife and two school-age daughters need a bunk bed, mattress, essential groceries, and a grill cart. Alexis can only get casual day jobs. His eldest daughter survived abuse by a community member and now requires critial counselling.
  5. Fabianny and three school-age children need a bunk bed and mattress. Fabianny provides for the family as a server. Her modest income is not always sufficient to meet the needs of her young family.
  6. Francisco, Patricia and her daughter and parents, moved to Sucre via Peru. They need a cot, mattress and Patricia's elderly parents need medication. Francisco and Patricia's daughter stays home with her grandparents, aunt, and cousin while her parents work. Her grandparents are in poor health, unable to work or to afford their medication.

Additionally, all the families will receive a basket of dry staple groceries, valued at five days' worh of casual labour work.

The Levántate Mujer site staff have requested $2,204.31 CAD to meet these urgent needs for all six families, averaging approximately $367 per family. The Sisters and site staff will continue to accompany these six families through these extremely challenging months and work with them to build foundations for a brighter future in their new home.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $2,204.31 CAD

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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