Virgilio is 44 years old and the father of four (two sponsored) children in our Tondo Sponsor Site in Philippines.

Chalice Critical Needs - MRI for Virgilio, PhilippinesLast week he experienced dizziness, accompanied by blurred vision and severe throbbing pain in his left orbital area.

Virgilio was initially brought to an optometrist who determined he has astigmatism and needed eyeglasses. He wasn't able to sleep that night due to severe pain reaching his neck and the following morning he went to see an opthalmologist. There he was told that his left eye has actually suffered a stroke and that the eye has restricted movement. He was advised to visit a neurologist at the Philippine General Hospital and now needs an MRI to be properly diagnosed and receive treatment.

The cost of an MRI is not covered by public healthcare and Virgilio can't be scheduled for this test until he has the funds to pay for it.

Virgilio is the only income earner for his family. He earns 500 pesos per day (about $13 CDN) which is not enough to provide for the family's daily needs. Virgilio is very worried about how his family will survive as he has already missed a week of work due to his condition.

The sponsor site director has asked Chalice to cover the $404.36 cost for the MRI so Virgilio can be properly diagnosed and treated and return to work so he can continue to care for his family.

Funding Request: $404.36
Critical Need: PTM1119B

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.
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