There are a number of reasons for the current economic hardship being experienced in Ukraine.
Since 2013, unemployment has been high and wages have dropped considerably, while inflation rates have been very high. The country's currency has never recovered from losses back in 2014. Whatever the reasons, those suffering the greatest hardship are the already impoverished and vulnerable - those income earners whose purchasing power has evaporated.

One of the hardest hit items has been energy costs, which have tripled over this period. Families have struggled to provide heat (gas or wood), electricity, and hot water for their homes and are forced to cut back on food to provide bare minimums. As a result, families are cold and lacking proper nutrition. The families of our sponsored children at our sponsor sites, all of whom were already suffering from poverty and many with children with disabilities, are undergoing extreme hardship. Some assistance was provided last winter by Chalice to support desperate families suffering from lack of heat. There are families facing the same crisis this heating season.

The Pochaiv Sponsor Site Director has come to Chalice for help. There are 68 families that have been identified by our sponsor site as being in desperate need of help to get them through the winter. The number of beneficiaries totals 289, including 110 sponsored children. The request is to provide 1300 kg of wooden briquettes (considered the most efficient and effective means of heat in this area and for these homes), for each of the families. The briquettes will be purchased by our site and will be distributed by truck to each of the families - carefully coordinated and managed to ensure that those identified receive. Total cost will be $24,963 ($367/family). It should be noted that the cost for the equivalent amount of wood briquettes is an increase of 34% over last winter.

Funding Request: $24,963.00
Critical Need: UPP1118

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.
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