Nine-year-old Lyusya is sponsored through our Ternopil Sponsor Site in Ukraine.

Chalice Critical Needs - Continuous Glucose Monitoring Device for Lyusya, UkraineEveryone in her family is affected by severe health problems, especially Lyusya, who has been disabled since birth.

Suffering from a life threatening form of type 1 diabetes known as the Somogyi effect (chronic overdose of insulin), Lyusya also lives with chronic kidney disease, myotonia (delayed relaxation of muscles), and mixed astigmatism in both eyes.

Lyusya's mother, Vira has multiple sclerosis and was recently treated for a minor stroke and diagnosed with a brain cyst and adrenal cyst. Her father has stage 4 lung cancer and her sister, Olha, passed away at the age of 24 from complications related to diabetes and cancer.

Recently, Lyusya's health has deteriorated and she is in urgent need of a Continuous Glucose Monitoring Device - Dexcom G4. This device will be able to predict an increase or decrease in her blood sugar levels, and then administer the correct dosage of insulin needed to avoid hypo- and hyperglycemia. This alert system is invaluable, especially at night.

The family doesn't have the means to cover the $1,864.32 needed for this life-saving device and has asked Chalice to help young Lyusya, whose illness has worsened as her body struggles with frequent changes in glucose levels.

Funding Request: $1,864.32
Critical Need: UTT0619

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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