HHS0918thumbMany of you will remember Jamesley, one of our sponsored children in Haiti South.

He is 11 years old and was born with a spinal cord deformation which left him unable to walk. Jamesley is a courageous and determined young man and until three years ago, he made himself mobile by using both his legs and his arms. He is one of four children being raised by a widowed mother - tragically, Jamesley's father was killed during the earthquake in 2010.

During a visit to the site four years ago, a Chalice supporter was touched by an encounter with Jamesley and funds werer raised by Chalice to have him see a surgeon and cover surgery, which successfully took place in 2015. Further funds were raised for him to return to Port-au-Prince to be fitted with a hip brace and then receive physiotherapy. Additional funds were raised to fit and purchase a new brace in 2016. Jamesley has responded very well to all his treatment and attends school with his friends. He is in grade three. As a result of physiotherapy, he is now able to walk short distances without the aid of his crutches.

Jamesley was recently diagnosed with anemia and requires additional nutrition and medication. This need, along with further physiotherapy, which he can only get in Port-au-Prince, is costly. There is further help required if he is to continue to improve his mobility. He needs to spend a full month in Port-au-Prince with intense physio sessions. The cost of getting to Port-au-Prince for appointments, one month of therapy sessions, proper nutrition and medications during the month-long stay will total $2,123 (he will stay with relatives while in Port-au-Prince).

His mother works as a farmer, but struggles to provide the basic needs of her children. The family has no ability to pay these costs.

The sponsor site director has once again asked for help from Chalice to assist with the medical needs of Jamesley. The hope is that, following this series of treatments and doctor visits, our sponsor site director will be able to gain access to some gym equipment locally to have Jamesley continue his leg strengthening exercises.

Funding Request: $2,123.00
Critical Need: HHS0918

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.
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