Ian is eight years old and is the son of Judith, our Social Worker at our Chalice sponsor site in Meru, Kenya.

In late August, Ian was involved in a motor vehicle accident while a passenger in his grandfather's car. Their vehicle was hit by a speeding transport truck on the passenger side where Ian was sitting. He suffered serious head injuries incuding internal bleeding. No one else in the vehicle was seriously injured. Ian spent three weeks in intensive care in a coma until the swelling went down. He spent a further two weeks in a ward, receiving treatment including physiotherapy. He has been released from the hospital; however, he is still unable to speak or walk without much needed assistance. He will require ongoing speech therapy and physiotherapy. His family is so very grateful that he has survived. The family of four is now left with a tremendous financial burden. They have paid some of the costs, including $700 for the intial hospital stay locally before being transferred to the National Hospital for further treatment and care. Ian was released from the National Hospital only on the condition that his uncle sign over the deed to his land until the family can raise the money to pay the hospital costs. In addition, money will have to be made available for Ian's therapy. As mentioned, Ian's mother works at our sponsor site, but her salary is not large and there is no health coverage. His father is a casual worker, but is currently unemployed. They are in no position to pay the outstanding costs from the second hospital, which amounts to $4,091 and they still have to manage Ian's physio costs. They are in desperate need of help. Our sponsor site director has come to Chalice requesting that we assist with the family's urgent need by paying for the hospital costs of $4,091.

Funding Request: $4,091.00
Critical Need: KMK0918

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.
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