Linus is 26 years old and lives with his mother and his siblings in a mud-brick house in Nandom.

Chalice critical needs at Ghana sponsor site - medical expenses for LinusHe is the second of six children and because his older brother has left home to find work in the south, Linus is now the head of the household. The family lost the father in 2001 and none of the children have attended school. Linus is a farmer while his mother gathers stones and firewood to sell to supplement the family income.

Recently while running an errand on his friend's motorbike, Linus had a head-on collision with another motorist, resulting in a right tibia fracture, right femoral fracture and left wrist fracture. He was found unconscious and neighbours rushed him to the hospital.

Orthopaedic medical cases are not covered by Ghana's National Health Insurance Policy and so the hospital demanded cash payments before they would treat Linus. Linus remained in hospital in pain for a week without treatment. When our sponsor site was made aware of the situation, a discussion took place with the hospital chaplain and the doctor that led to Linus having surgery, but only after a commitment was made to provide funds for payment in the amount of $1,460.

The family, as mentioned, is very poor and has no means to contribute to the cost of the surgery. Our sponsor site director, recognizing the desperate situation of Linus and his family, has come to Chalice to request payment of the cost of his medical care.

Funding Request: $1,460.00
Critical Need: GNN0319

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other Critical Need emergencies that may arise.
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