Yankamma is 15 years old and is sponsored by Chalice through our Kerala subsite in Ballari, India.

Chalice critical needs funding required for sponsored child Yankamma, in IndiaShe attends school and is studying in 7th grade.

Yankamma had undergone surgery in 2014 to remove a solid mass growth in her abdomen, at St. Mary's Hospital at Ballari. She had a successful recovery and has been living in good health since that time. In January of this year, she began experiencing abdominal pain. Her parents arranged a consultation with the same doctor who had cared for her back in 2014. He sent her for a CAT scan which indicated that there was an abnormal growth in her abdomen which had started to spread to her other organs. He is recommending immediate surgery to remove the growth and have a biopsy performed.

Yankamma is one of four children. Her parents are daily wage earners and are employed on a seasonal basis which means that they do not have regular work. The family has much difficulty in just meeting their day to day expenses. The cost of the surgery and post-operative care will be $1,951 and must be paid by Yankamma's family. The family is in no position to cover these costs. They have come to Chalice in desperate need of help.

Our Chalice sponsor site director is requesting funding to assist the family in paying for these medical costs for their ailing daughter.

Funding Request: $1,951.00
Critical Need: IKH0319

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Please note that any donations that exceed  the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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