Project Location: Haiti South
Project Type: Education
Project Code: HHS0621

Background: Chalice has been working in the communities on Haiti’s southern tip since 2000, currently partnering with Missionnaires de l’Annonciation - Semeurs d’Espoir (Missionaries of the Annunciation – Sowers of Hope), an organization led by a religious Sister and staffed by religious brothers and lay associates. Even before the earthquake that caused widespread devastation this region on August 14, the families and youth were facing serious economic challenges. 

Chalice community projects - High school tuition support for students, Haiti SouthSignificant political upheaval, a contracting economy and the pandemic caused the price of essentials, such as food and gas, to skyrocket. High school is not free in Haiti, and the cost of tuition on top of the surging prices of basic goods was jeopardizing the students’ ability to return to classes in the fall. They become vulnerable to dropping out of school, which places teens at greater risk of engaging in dangerous or illegal behaviour.

With this project, the Haiti South site will provide much-needed financial support for high school students, defraying their tuition costs at this critical time. The funds will cover 50% of the tuition costs for 580 sponsored teens across four communities. This will greatly ease the financial burden on their families, who are supporting a total of 1293 family members through this challenging time in Haiti’s history.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $36,725.04 CAD

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other community projects/programs that may arise.
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