Project Location: Ternopil, Ukraine
Project Type: Health

Background: Chalice has partnered with the non-profit World of Children since 1998. The Ternopil site supports underprivileged families in 17 areas around the region, most of which are rural, remote villages.

Chalice community projects - heating homes for winter, Ternopil, UkraineEven before the COVID-19 shutdown with its crippling economic impact, ballooning inflation has dramatically increased the cost of family necessities. Heating and food are among the most expensive needs. High rates of unemployment and underpaid work leaves many parents unable to afford these rising costs.

Most families are living in remote villages. "All the families dwell in small clay houses with two small rooms, and survive from their gardens and keeping chickens and ducks," writes Mrs. Tomkevych, a village elder in Horozhanka. Their homes are too isolated to be connected to a gas supply. They therefore depend on firewood to cook their daily meals as well as heat their homes during the Ukrainian winter, which lasts an average of seven months. Most of their homes feature classic clay furnaces for heating.

Even if the homes could connect to gas lines, firewood would remain the more economically stable option, because gas is subject to federal rates that rise steeply each year. Even still, "every year it gets harder for the family to get a truck of firewood," writes Mrs. Tomkevych. The cost of a winter's worth of firewood is well outside these families' budgets.

This project will enable the 103 most vulnerable families in 82 communities connected to our Ternopil sponsor site to purchase enough firewood to last them the long, cold winter. This will not only improve the safety and comfort of 156 sponsored children, but their cumulative 506 family members. The cost will be $371.92 per family.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $38,709.68 CAD
Project Code: CP UTT0621

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