Project Location: Mercy Care, Kenya
Project Type: Education
Project Code: KMK1218

Background: The Chalice Mercy Care Sponsor Site was started in 2006 by the Franciscan Clarist Congregation Missionary Sisters from India.

Chalice sponsored children in Kenya make their way to schoolThis site was established with the sole objective of reaching the poor and disadvantaged members of the Kamuwongo community. Currently the site has 490 sponsored children. The site has a strong focus on education and supports many schools and students.

Kamuwongo is located in a semi-arid area where drought, famine, and waterborne diseases are common. There are no industries or companies to employ people and the majority of the population depends on informal jobs for a living. Factors such as unreliable rainfall, poor farming methods, and the lack of quality seeds, make it impossible to get enough quailty crops to sustain livelihoods and provide for families. There are limited health facilities and those available are located many kilometers away. The generally poor infrastructure (poor road and communication networks, as well as poor electrical power coverage) hinders progressive development for the people of Kamuwongo. Despite these obstacles, the site has realized trememdous achievements in education, nutrition, and health care activities.

Chalice Community Projects - textbooks for children in Mercy Care, KenyaA large number of schools that are located in poor neighbourhoods in Kenya face significant challenges in trying to cope with curriculum needs. There are nationally approved textbook lists that meet requirements for children in every class or grade from kindergarten through high school. Reference books such as atlases and dictionaries are very expensive and very few children have access to them. Basic textbooks for subjects such as Mathematics, English, Religion, and others vary according to the grade level, but costs are also high. The government should provide books for schools, but funds are inequitably distributed, with some schools receiving books and others being given almost no allocation. Parents are often responsible for purchasing books for their children. For private or community-run schools, especially those that are located in impoverished rural communities, the cost of learning becomes very prohibitive. Kasyongo School is one such school that suffers from lack of government support, and the lack of textbooks impacts the achievable level of education for many.

Project Objectives: This objective of this project is to buy textbooks for children in grades primary to eight at the Kasyongo Primary School. The total cost for the purchase of textbooks for 245 children, including 42 sponsored children, will be $17,315 (approximately $70 per child). With this project, it is expected that children will be motivated to work better and performance will improve, giving them a much better chance of accessing good secondary schools at the end of their primary schooling. Once the books are released to the school, the school administration and the PTA will be held responsible for maintenance. Books are to be returned at the end of the school year to benefit others and parents will be held responsible for ensuring books are well kept at home.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $17,315.00

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Please note that any funds that exceed the request will be used to fund other Community Projects that may arise.
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