Project Location: Pochaiv Sponsor Site area, Ukraine
Project Type: Education - Community Improvement
Project Code: UPP1218

Background: Pochaiv Sponsor Site was established in 1999. 

Chalice Community Project - Dairy Production and Capacity Building, UkraineThe site consists of over 2400 children split among four sub-sites, and supports children in both large urban centres and small rural villages, where many of the families survive on small scale agriculture with limited incomes.

Chalice, in partnership with ISCA (International Sustainable Community Assistance - an incorporated not-for-profit organization that creates opportunities for communities in need by helping them build sustainable agriculture systems), recently evaluated options in order to support the rural families in our Pochaiv Site in creating enhanced livelihood opportunities. The research and analysis completed by ISCA evaluated a number of agricultural commodities, both crop and livestock. Based on Chalice's focus on education, health, and nutrition, ISCA concluded that for the Pochaiv Site, there was a high probability of success in building on the primary production of milk.

Rural households involved in small scale farming face multiple constraints in milk production, including limited availability of quality forage and farm machinery, as well as limited financial resources and access to credit. It should also be noted that women are key players in milk production in Ukraine, as they are largely responsible for cow milking and care and improving women's knowledge of milk quality and feeding is crucial to improving overall household income from milk.

Project Objectives: This capacity building project is designed to position 20 carefully and methodically selected families associated with our sponsor site to more effectively and efficiently manage their milk production using their current livestock. Through the use of classroom training, effective oversight by ISCA and a locally hired project coordinator, support of the Pochaiv Sponsor Site, and local agricultural college, the beneficiaries have the potential to enhance their production skills and financial management knowledge. The intended result will be increased incomes and improved livelihoods. Based on the experience of past livelihood projects in communities where information is provided not only on production, but on small business management, positive results are more likely to occur.

Funding for this project includes costs for services of ISCA, salary and expenses for the local project coordinator for 10 months, and some assistance to the 20 families, including small grants and miscellaneous items. The total cost of this project is $49,739.29.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $49,739,29

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Please note that any funds that exceed the request will be used to fund other Commmunity Projects/Programs that may arise.
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