After three years of violent political instability, rocketing inflation and gas shortages, Haiti is in crisis.

Chalice children nutrition- Haiti north breakfast programLife was already challenging for families, but now the country is on the brink of famine. There are widespread food shortages, exacerbated by drought and COVID-19 border closures halting imports, which was the majority of Haiti’s food supply.

The Haiti North sponsor site partnered with the Chalice tostart their school breakfast programin 2017. Too often children we arriving at school having had nothing to eat, and were struggling in their classes and frequently falling sick.

 Parents could not afford enough nutritious foods for their families – simple items like eggs are beyond the average family’s budget. Easily available foods are often salty or sugary snacks.

The breakfast program now ensures that 1781 children receive breakfast from Monday to Thursday, 9 months of the year. Their breakfast consists of an egg (produced by the Chalice poultry program), milk or cheese, and a biscuit. These foods are a luxurious treat for schoolchildren.

This simple meal has increased school attendance, improved overall test scores, and reduced anemia and other vitamin deficiencies. It has also been a God-send for the parents.“The pupils are very enthusiastic about coming to school to take their food,”write the staff.The parents really feel relieved because their children by coming to school will be able to find something to eat, which could have been a big challenge for many of them.

This year, the Haiti North site needs $30,000 to maintain the breakfast program.  This will allow the staff to continue to serve these critical meals and provide a small source of stability for the children and families enduring severe hardship.

Funding Request: $30,000

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other nutrition programs that need funding.
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