Project Location: Grand Bassin, Haiti North
Project Type: Community Development
Project Code: HHN0620

Background: The Haiti North sponsor site was established in 2002 by the Sisters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart of New Brunswick and has over 1800 sponsored children split between two sub sites.

Chalice community projects - latrines in Haiti NorthIt is a very well managed site. The mission of the site is to improve the quality of life, encourage social responsibility HHN0620handwashingand promote cultural sharing through the creatin of opportunities for dialogue and building of relationships for the spiritual, social, and cultural development in the community.

Unlike Canada where the majority of the population has access to our own clean, indoor bathrooms, in Haiti not only do most people not have a personal latrine, the latrines available are often in disrepair without handwashing facilities.

This community project will build 20 individual latrines for large sponsored families. Each unit will be equipped with a toilet and sink for handwashing and will have a water tank attached. Families will be responsible for water collection to keep the tanks full and keep toilets functioning. Beneficiaries will be required to attend mandatory training on care and maintenance of the latrines.

Families will provide water and site security during construction.


Project Objectives: This project will help 35 sponsored beneficiaries, 190 non-sponsored family members, and 156 non-sponsored community members.

This project will improve the hygiene and reduce the spread of diseases in the community but beyond that, these new latrines will give hundreds of people a clean and safe space to relieve themselves and allow them to live with greater dignity. This project will also protect the environment against pollution and reduce the number of insects and rodents around the homes.

Budget in Canadian funds: $46,091.00

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other community projects/programs that may arise.

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