Project Location: Ivano-Frankivsk and Volyn Regions, Ukraine
Project Type: Education
Project Code: UPP0620B

Background: Run by "World for Children" organization, Pochaiv sponsor site was established in 1999 and is made up of 1990 sponsored children split among three sub sites.

UPP0620BlargeTheir mission is to serve people by helping them overcome poverty through education, formation of Chalice family circles, budget planning and skills training. The site supports children in both large urban centres and small rural villages, where many of the families survive on small scale agriculture with limited incomes. Through Chalice programs, including the gift catalogue, Pochaiv sponsor site supports orphanages and many schools throughout the area.

Across all three of the Pochaiv sub sites, Chalice site workers have identified 600 students whose families cannot afford adequate school supplies. Even before the COVID-19 shutdown with is crippling economic impact, parents in Ukraine were already facing the challenges of ballooning costs of necessities such as food and heating. Historically, many parents went abroad in search of work, because there is little work in Ukraine. Now, border closures prevent that as well.

With schools set to return in the fall, children in eight communities do not have the basic supplies to learn effectively in class or to do homework because of a lack of items such as notebooks, bags, pens and coloured pencils. Without them, students cannot perform to their best standard, and risk falling behind. All students are at a greater disadvantage this year, after spending months doing their best with at-home learning.

Project Objectives: The Pochaiv site seeks to purchase and distribute packages of essential school supplies to 600 of the neediest sponsored children. The packages will include items such as bookbags, notebooks, art supplies, a foreign language textbook and writing utensils.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $49,168.00

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