Project Location: Lassia Tuolu, Wa, Ghana
Project Type: Health-Nutrition
Project Code: GWJ0919

Background: Chalice has partnered with Diocese of Wa and Lassia Tuolu Parish in the rural town of Wa since 1997.

GWJ0919large1Under the direction of Pele Abraham Bright, our Chalice sponsor site administers the sponsorship program in 11 subsites with a total of 1900 children, most of whom attend Catholic primary and junior high schools. The site conducts programs to prevent and treat Hepatitis B, which is endemic in the region. In addition to sponsorship, the site provides leadership training, workshops on health and community issues, and cultural celebrations for the community.

The St. Joseph Orphanage, otherwise referred to as Jirapa Orphanage in Jirapa Municipality, is located in the area of our sponsor site. The orphanage currently has a total of 28 non-sponsored children ranging in age from three months to five years. The children are either orphaned or partially orphaned, having been abandoned or taken in due to mental health issues experienced by their parents.

The orphanage survives on philanthropic support from civil society groups, individuals and religious congregations. Unfortunately support is not consistent, and as a result, providing for the basic needs of these children can be very challenging at times, increasing the hardship and suffering of the babies and young children. The orphanage is currently facing difficult financial challenges in meeting some of the basic needs of these orphaned children and is in desperate need of the following items:
  • Wood for stoves used in preparation of mealsGWJ0919large2
  • Baby formula and fortified cereals to feed babies received at the orphanage
  • Soup ingredients, milo, milk, sugar
  • Diapers
  • Hygiene products and detergents
  • Beddings and mattresses
  • Proper playing ground for the kids
  • Salary for an additional caretaker (for one year) to help care for the children.

Project Objective: The goal of this project is to provide interim food supplement, other needed items for four months, as well as a caretaker for one year to improve the health and reduce hardships of these vulnerable children who are placed in the care of the Jirapa Orphanage. The four-month provision will allow the site to continue building networks and good relationships with their local donors and avoid total dependence on Chalice funds. A small portion of the funds will be used to provide much needed playground equipment to help in the development of the children.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $15,139.00

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