GWD1216Proj. Location: Wa, Ghana
Project Type: Education/ Comm. Development
Project Code: GWD1216

Background of site
Our Wa (SFD) Sponsor Site is run by Serve the Child Centre, a Catholic based humanitarian organization.

It is located in the Upper West Region of Ghana. The site sponsors children in need and provides support to the families through provision of education, health care, nutrition, and infrastructure needs of the community. Most of the families make their living from farming in a region that has two seasons - dry season November to March, and rainy season April to October. The area faces major droughts and floods.

The sponsor site started in 1999 as a sub-site under our Wa Sponsor Site with its sponsorship program initially only for children attending the School for the Deaf. On July 1, 2014 it became an independent site and currently sponsors 406 children, including those with hearing difficulties, differently-abled children and those from very poor families. Recent changes at our sponsor site have resulted in the establishment of family circle groups made up of one parent (usually the mother) from each family who are required to meet regularly as an integral part of our sponsorship program. This sponsor site has 15 such groups with representation from the 388 families which meet monthly to discuss aspects of the program, receive training, and to ensure accountability of all members of the group.

Project Objectives: This project involves the construction of a community hall which is required to make a meeting ground for the growing number of parent groups; and a place for the parents of children with hearing disabilities to meet at the school. Many of these parents travel very long distances. The hall will include office space for our sponsor site staff to carry out their work and provide a safe place to store their equipment. Many meetings are now held outside under a tree because the cost of renting space is beyond the administrative budget of the site. The new building will help to harmonize the activities of the groups and the staff of the sponsor site. The community hall will also provide space for the site visitors and the sponsored children who currently must meet outside and this can be very difficult, especially during rainy season. The total amount of funds being requested from Chalice is $103,268.

The community has donated a parcel of land on which the hall will be constructed. Families will also provide some unskilled labour during construction, as well as security for construction materials and workers during construction. Ongoing operating costs will be covered through rental fees that will be recovered from rentals to other community groups and schools.

Budget in Canadian funds: $103,268

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other community projects that may arise.
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