BRL0116Project Location: Bolivia
Project Type: Education
Project Code:BRL0116

Background: In March 2012, Chalice Latin America and the Banco Mercantil Santa Cruz (BMSC) signed a cooperative agreement.

The agreement was to develop and promote activities in the field of post secondary education. The project, "Hope For My Future" (HHF), is designed to provide university access to capable students of families involved in the Chalice sponsorship program who otherwise would not have the financial means to cover the cost of post secondary education. This project is open to qualilfied children at Chalice sponsor sites in Bolivia. Potential beneficiaries are selected by a Chalice Advisory Committee for recommendation to the bank (equal representation for both boys and girls). The bank and the university make the final selection.

The bank provides individual scholarships covering a 30-month degree program in Management and Entrepreneurship at the Catholic University of La Paz, Bolivia. Chalice provides funding costs of food, travel, housing, and other expenses for each student (parents provide a portion of these funds according to their ability). The project includes ongoing follow-up with the selected students during their university years and assistance in either starting a business or finding employment following graduation. Chalice's Regional Office in La Paz is responsible to oversee these activities.

Following a successful pilot program in 2012, the first phase of HFF began in 2013, with eight more students starting university in January 2013, and another 15 in each of 2014 and 2015. There were some growing pains with phase one, resulting in changes to what assistance and supervision Chalice provided for the students, but overall the project has been very successful. BMSC has rated Chalice as its best partner, with 92% of our students completing their studies, compared to a 65% rate with similar projects with other partners. Both BMSC and the university have commended the quality of each one of our students, noting they are completely devoted to their studies and highlighting the support that Chalice provides to each of them. Both institutions promote the HFF project as a model to replicate in other partner organizations.

Project Objectives: Based on the success of the initial phase and having put into place some needed changes, this proposal, "Hope For My Future II", requests that the project be extended. The request is for funding in the amount of $415,365.30 to cover expenses including housing, meals, school supplies, proper follow-up, and holistic support to guarantee successful study for 45 more students (15 per year) to be selected from sponsored families. The cost per student will be $9230.33. The first 15 students began studies January 1, 2016 and the last group starting in 2018 will complete their studies in 2020.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $415,365.30

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