Chalice Community Projects - WASH, IndiaProject Location: 7 Sponsor Sites, India
Project Type: Health
Project Code: IRR0417
Background: With a population of almost 1.2 billion, nearly 600 million do not have access to proper toilets.

Inadequate facilities have a severe impact on health. Members of  the population who are most affected live in urban slums and rural areas. Children are especially vulnerable and the rampant spread of disease inhibits their ability to absorb nutrients, impacting both their physical growth and ability to learn.

As a result of the lack of proper sanitation facilities, 55% of the population in India defecate in open areas. The risk for microbial contamination (bacteria, viruses, and amoeba) getting into the water is very high. This type of contamination breeds water-borne diseases and respiratory infections. In India, diarrhea alone accounts for the death of 535,000 children under the age of five, and is one of the major health conditions that impacts school-aged children. There is also a security risk for girls and women who do not have access to proper toilet facilities.

Chalice has been working in India to educate communities about the importance of personal and environmental hygiene in the battle against disease. We have also been assisting communities with the construction of  toilets in different endeavours, but this has proven to be somewhat ineffective because only a few in the community benefit and overall environmental conditions improve only minimally. With the construction of proper sanitation facilities (equipped with water and proper disposal), combined with the awareness of personal hygiene, entire communities will be better equipped to fight the spread of disease.

Project Objectives: The aim of this project is to assist and educate selected families spread over seven of our sponsor sites in India. Included will be individuals and families who are not on the proposed list of government support for a toilet. Other recipients will be the poorest of the poor, children with disabilities, single mothers and widows.The sick and the elderly, as well as families who have been marginalized due to their remote location, will also be included. The effectiveness of this program will be achieved through creating awareness, changing behaviors, and diligent oversight of the construction of some 505 toilets and associated systems. Recipients of the constructed toilets will be required to contribute some labour, and if possible for those who are able, a very small monetary donation to ensure their commitment to the program. Instruction on how to use and maintain the facilities will be instrumental in helping improve both personal and environmental hygiene and ensure the longevity of the project. All 505 toilets will be constructed using either a septic tank or leach pit technology. The type of technology used will depend on where the facilities will be built. Village development committees will be formed to ensure training materials and other information are made available and properly communicated.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $283,542.00

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