Project Location: Cochabamba, Bolivia
Project Code: CP BAA0922

Our Amanecer site is home to 75 school-aged students who live youth homes because they are unable to live with their families. In this digital era, they struggle to do their schoolwork because they don't have access to enough computers.


The Amanecer (“Sunrise”) Religious Foundationruns two homes for youth at high social risk and on the street, and for children and teens who cannot live with their families. The Foundation also works with children at risk of living on the streets and with their families, as well as those who have been reintegrated to with their families.

Between the two homes, 75 residents are in primary or high school. In this increasingly digital era of education, each student needs access to the internet, word processing, and educational software. Currently, up to five students are trying to share a computer. This problem was especially acute during the pandemic school closures, when each student was expected to attend online classes and complete all their studies from home.

The Amanecer site staff have partnered with Chalice to set up two computer labs of 15 desktop computers in each of the two shelter homes. These computers will equip and prepare the students with the technology and computer-literacy skills to complete their assignments, keep up with their curriculum, and navigate the online world wisely.

Once the 30 PC desktop computers are installed between the two homes, staff will teach the students to use basic programs such Word, Excel and PowerPoint for their school assignments. Staff will also teach them daily computer basics, like accessing online classes, making video calls, using email, and internet search skills. They will host workshops about internet risks and using social media carefully and responsibly.

In the Madre de Dios home for girls, the staff will teach the students responsible study habits and etiquette for attending virtual activities. Staff will check the girls’ study behaviours, support them with homework, and check in often with their teachers.

The total budget for this initiative is $38,378.70 CAD. This includes 30 desktop computers and two rounds of maintenance in the first year. A technician will maintain the computers; the Amanecer Foundation will take responsibility for all future maintenance, and the home staff will teach the students to care for the technology to keep it running smoothly for many years.

Your support will prepare and equip 40 sponsored and 35 non-sponsored students to complete their schoolwork and achieve their full potential during the school year.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $38,378.70 CAD.

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