Chalice Chapels are a ten-week guided program for prayer and faith study groups in parishes across Canada. We fully equip interested leaders with a leader’s guide, weekly videos, and print materials that interweave real stories from Chalice sites with the Gospel to be heard that Sunday. Chalice Chapels aims to extend our founding principle of “faith in action” to supporters who have a preferential heart for the poor in developing countries.

If you are interested in introducing the Chalice Chapels program to your parish, prayer or community group, please contact Andrew

Chapel Videos



January 10

1. Great Expectations

2. You Were Anointed

3. His Faith has saved him - Vasyl's story

November 8

1. The Gift of Giving

2. Richly Poor

3. Jenna and Jienie - Love & Learning

October 25

1. Moved by Mercy

2. What Can I Do For You?

3. Christ to the Poor: Oxana and Andriy

Previous Chapel Videos

October 18
Reflection by Chad - A Servant's Heart
Homily - Under Whose Authority?
Chalice Story - Servant Leadership

October 11

Reflection by Kate - Comfort vs Happiness
Homily - Called at Home or Abroad
Chalce Story - From Friend to Family

October 4 
Reflection by Kate - Change of Plans
Chalice Story - Frankel's Legacy

September 27
Reflection by Andrew - Three Churches, One Name
Homily - Our Love Circles
Chalice Story - School of Life

September 20
Reflection by Jenna - Saving Face
Homily - Servant of All
Chalice Story - Raising Dough with Roddie

September 13
Reflection by Tammy - The Bigger Picture
Homily - The Prosperity Gospel
Chalice Story - Eddie and Mirijam
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