Our top 5 ‘Ways to Celebrate’

This time, we’re sharing our top 5 ‘Ways to Celebrate’

Spring is here at last! The warmer months bring many reasons to celebrate and share gifts with our friends and loved ones. Chalice’s gift catalogue is your best place to find gifts for the baby showers, Baptisms, weddings, birthdays, and graduations you have on your calendar. 

Our catalogue gifts are a ‘win-win.’ A child, mother, or family in our sites receives a gift they urgently need. Here, your loved one receives a beautiful card that tells them what you gave on their behalf. 

P.S. Our 2023 spring gift catalogue is here! 

Here are just a few ways you can make this the best spring and summer yet! 

#5: Help a family reach higher

Your gift can help parents uplift their whole families. With improved livelihoods, they can serve their children nourishing food and access healthcare. 

#4: Give a healthy start to life

Give a little one (and mom!) the right start. Early check-ups and nutrition support mean bright-eyed babies and confident mothers. 

#3: Multiply your impact

Farm animals are gifts that keep on giving. They produce milk, wool, offspring, and eggs that the families can sell or consume. 
Families in India who receive goats through our gift catalogue have a tradition. After a year, when their goats have bred, they give a kid to another family in need. Year after year, the whole community benefits from a single gift! 

#2: Grow potential on a farm

School farms help children bloom. In the garden, students learn techniques for sustainable agriculture and food production. Their harvests of fruit, vegetables, and corn supplement the students’ daily meal and snacks. 

#1: Encourage a better future

It’s almost impossible to learn well when your classroom lacks the basics. Equipping students and teachers with books, teaching aids, lights, and supplies gives every child the chance to study well and go far! 

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