Sending a card or “special money” to your sponsor child or elder

Writing to your sponsored child creates a tangible connection between you and your sponsored child or elder, and they are so excited when they receive your letter directly. This also encourages them to write you back.

In addition, some of our Chalice sponsors like to give extra donations for Christmas, birthdays or other special occasions. We call this “special money”. There are 5 methods for sending a gift of “special money” and we will explain to you what they are in this post.

1. Can I send my child/elder a Christmas card or letter?

Yes! They will be excited to receive them!

Please note: if you want to be sure the card or letter arrives before December 25, please mail it to us in Bedford before DATE. Of course, they will not mind if it comes after Christmas – they love to receive mail at any time of year! 

2. Can I give my sponsored child/elder money for a Christmas present?

Yes! We call it “special money,” and you can request to make a gift of special money any time of year. Just let us know your child’s code [ex ABC1234] and the amount you wish to give.


*(2)  online payment portal