Photo Friday: Our Top 5 “Humble Hug” Photos!

Welcome to Photo Friday! Each Friday, we share photo collections of our favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world.

The last year-and-a-half has been difficult for many, and some of us haven’t seem our family and friends in a long time.

We’re all excited to hold those people close once again. So this Photo Friday, we’re celebrating the humble but powerful hug with our top 5 “Humble Hug” photos!

#5: The Hug Jump

There’s nothing like the love between friends, and they’re always there to give a hug when we most need it!

Peru has faced many challenges relating to COVID-19, and the Centro Esperanza moved its youth programming online in response. While it is still a great way for children to stay connected with their friends, we can only imagine the hugs when they meet in person again!

This site is supported by kind Chalice donors via sponsorship, a childhood development program, and skill-building workshops.

#4: Hugs With Sisters

Children in our CMAVIL site are always excited to see the sisters who run the sponsorship program. This child was thrilled to have some time with Sr. Graciella!

#3: Family Hugs

Big brothers play an important role in their siblings’ lives. Ramon takes that job seriously, always striving to be a role model who helps them pursue their dreams. Ramon is part of the soccer team, and wants to join the Navy after finishing school. He hopes his siblings also accomplish their dreams! His sister Gabby wants to be a fashion designer and own a boutique, while Pasqual wants to be a technician.

#2: A Mother’s Hug

Marisa started her business after getting involved with sponsorship at the Tondo Site in the Philippines. After receiving financial literacy and business management training, she has a new sense of confidence.

Marisa has overcome many challenges but persists. She’s always there to hug her children after a long day!

#1: Celebration Hugs!

Victory or not, a game well played is always worth celebrating with a hug!

These girls at our Starehe girls site in Kenya are having a great time playing together. Everyone’s a winner here.

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