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Photo Friday: our top 5 “Canadian” photos!

Welcome to Photo Friday! Each Friday, we share photo collections of our favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world.

With Canada Day quickly approaching, we’d like to dedicate this photo collection to all of our incredible Canadian sponsors and supporters across the country. This week, we’re showcasing our top 5 Canadian photos we’ve gathered from our sites. This collection is filled with sponsored children and their families showing their love for Canada!

#5: Sponsor celebration

These adorable kids from our CMAVIL site in Paraguay are lovingly showing their appreciation for their Canadian sponsors. Some sponsors visited the site on a mission trip, and the families weren’t going to let them go back home without giving their thanks in a big way!

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Overcoming all obstacles: Paul is a doctor

Through hard work, faith, determination and the support of his Chalice sponsors, Paul is a now a general practitioner after finishing his training as an intern medical doctor in one of the busiest public hospitals in Kenya. The hospital serves more than 5,000 patients from northern Kenya every month in the wards and clinics, and was a wonderful place for Paul to perfect his skills. He worked hard each day giving back to the community, rejoicing after each treated patient went home smiling. “This wouldn’t have been possible were it not for Chalice,” says Paul.

Paul was born during a time of political transition and tribal clashes in Kenya. His family lost everything they owned during the conflict, and then tragically, his father passed away. His mother worked as a casual laborer on a neighbour’s farm for less than a dollar a day to feed her seven children. Paul and his siblings knew they had to work hard in school to create a brighter future for their family.

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Photo Friday: Our top 5 dad photos!

Welcome to Photo Friday! Each Friday, we share photo collections of our favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world.

This weekend is Father’s Day, a time to honour the dads, grandpas, and father figures in our lives. We’re sharing our top 5 dad photos that we’ve collected at our sites! Time and time again, we’ve seen incredible strength and kindness from fathers of our sponsored children, and are overjoyed to share some precious moments with you.

#5: Safe in papa’s arms

On our most recent mission trip to our CMAVIL site in Paraguay, this adorable dad and daughter duo came out to attend a celebration to welcome our mission team! At this sponsor site, there are many Chalice family circles comprised of dads, moms, and guardians. They’ve been quite successful these past few years!

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Dad from Ternopil inspires sons to shine

Parental support is incredibly important for the stability and happiness of growing children. When kids are encouraged to succeed by parents, grandparents, or other relatives, they feel inspired to achieve their goals. A father from our Ternopil site in Ukraine inspires and encourages his sons each day to pursue their talents in the welding trade.

Volodymyr, a bright and ambitious teenager from Ternopil, lives with his mom, dad, and younger brother. He’s currently in grade 11, and is eagerly looking forward to starting his career as a welder when he graduates. He was inspired to enter the trade by his father, Myron, who himself is a talented and respected welder in the community.

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Photo Friday: Our top 5 graduate photos!

Welcome to Photo Friday! Each Friday, we share photo collections of our favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world.

Even though it looks a bit different this year, graduation season is in full swing! High school, university, trade, and workshop graduates are all excited to put their hard-earned skills to good use. This week, we’re highlighting our 5 top photos of graduates that we’ve collected from our sites! From musicians, to bakers, to teachers, each future has been forever changed through the gift of education.

#5: Be sure to wear your caps, gowns, and smiles! 

We captured this photo on a past trip to Bolivia, where graduates were all dressed up for their special day. Our “Hope for My Future” program offered assistance to many young students from our sites in Bolivia pursuing higher education at the Universidad Católica San Pablo in La Paz. Graduates have gone on to work in business, finance, sales and other careers in administration and management. These young professionals will be the leaders of Bolivia’s future!

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Small bakery business booms in Samar

A local bakery at our Samar site in the Philippines is supporting mothers, boosting confidence,  and giving nearby schools and families access to delicious goodies!

Our Samar site is located on a small island, where businesses, jobs, and goods are limited. Chalice sponsorship allows struggling children to attend school, and eases the financial burden on parents. Parents of sponsored children are also organized into family circles, where they keep track of budgets and plan for the future. Sometimes, they even launch their own small businesses for extra income.

Luz is the president of her family circle, known as “Zone 3”. Two years ago, they received small business start-up funds through our gift catalogue. Maricel, our Samar site director, had the brilliant idea to start a bakery, as there were no other competing bakeries nearby. The group decided to name their new business the “Bethlehem Bake Shop”! 

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Photo Friday: Our top 5 “back-to-normal” photos!

Welcome to Photo Friday! Each Friday, we share photo collections of our absolute favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world.

As the coronavirus lock down continues around the world, many of us are looking forward to a time when it’s safe to participate in our favourite “normal” activities. This week, we’re sharing our top 5 “back-to-normal” photos, depicting some ordinary things we just can’t wait to see or do when it’s safe!

#5: Enjoy a meal with friends!

Humans are social creatures, and eating meals together is integrated into our societies. Due to pandemic restrictions, however, millions of people are currently unable to gather in groups or in public to enjoy eating together. At our Samar site in the Philippines, children usually eat their daily school lunch with their classmates. Like many of us, we’re sure they’re looking forward to enjoying a lively group meal with their friends again!

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Support for parents builds family bonds in Tondo

Children imitate the environment they live in. They are little sponges, soaking up information at an impressive rate. When parents support their children emotionally, spiritually, and economically, they flourish into confident, community-minded adults who can support themselves. But sometimes, parents need help, especially those raised in poverty. To break the barriers to poverty, we need to break the mindsest of defeat.
At our Tondo site in the Philippines, a weekend seminar for couples designed to strengthen relationships is healing bonds, lifting families, and giving children the confidence they need to succeed.

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