Elder sponsorship encourages Simón’s recovery

Simón, from our Fatima site in Bolivia, always dreamed of having his own home. In order to save costs, Simón lived with his brother for many years. His room was improvised with plastic walls and tents. It was very cold, and when it rained, the roof leaked. Despite his challenges, Simón always remained cheerful and optimistic, determined to reach his goal.

Simón worked diligently as a bricklayer when his health allowed, and finally saved up enough money to buy a plot of land where he could build a small home! One unexpected day, however, he suffered a pre-stroke, and the whole right side of his body was left paralyzed.

Medical treatment for his stroke was going to be very expensive. Simón had to resort to using all of his savings, and even sold his lot of land to pay his hospital bills. Recovery was going to be a long road, and he would be unable to work for many months.

Simón’s prayers were answered when he most needed a blessing- He was chosen for elder sponsorship by a kind Chalice sponsor. Little by little, he recovered movement in the right side of his body. What most encouraged him was the love and support from his sponsor. ” For me, having my sponsor’s help has been such a relief and a blessing,” Simón says.

In order not to cause major concern to his brother’s family, Simón sought work when he was recovered. He attended his local site frequently and made new friends, who helped him find a job as a gardener.

Today, Simón is 72 and is living a happy and healthy life. He works part time as a caretaker of a home near his brother’s. Although he lives alone, he is constantly visited by his friends.With the support of the sponsorship, he’s able to buy enough food, clothing, and necessities to live comfortably.

“For me, being sponsored means finding my dignity and importance once again,” says Simón. “Thank you deeply!”

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